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Poetry: Kash Kai Main Lekhika Hoti

Friday, 12 January, 2024

Vandana Bisht

Poet's Haven

To The One Who Abandoned Me


Who would have thought that life would turn out to be like this, it's not the life that I wanted but I am living it and I have to live it for the sake of it the sake of keeping everything in place sake of relationships sake of not hurting everybody sake of this and that but nothing would be helpful for me there is nothing in it that I could do for my own sake.

Navigating modern relationships: a visual story of life's twists and turns.
A Visual Odyssey through Modern Relationships: Navigating the ebb and flow of connection.

The one who abandoned me made me realise does the relationship fall apart that easily or was it never meant to be that strong that it drifted away that easily? Nobody would have thought that the life we are choosing could harm us. it's common in today's relationships. The culture has become more and more of an abandoned ship instead of focusing on each other we start doing it the other way around. In the ever-evolving landscape of modern relationships, individual dynamics have witnessed a significant shift. The "Love is in the air" concept starts with a new relationship there is a spark everywhere but Today, the concept of endurance in the face of adversity seems to be waning, replaced by a culture where individuals are quick to abandon ship when confronted with challenging situations. We turn our backs on each other as soon as we hit a simple hurdle.

"Nothing is permanent except change"

Visualizing the commitment paradox and the allure of endless options in contemporary relationships.
Commitment in the Digital Age: The delicate dance between choices and enduring bonds.

as said by the great Philosopher Heraclitus, Nothing in this world is permanent, we are constantly moving towards the end everybody's going to die one day but do we take it that seriously we don't even try to face the situation we change the topic or the person.

How do we even get to this point from the relationships that were meant for eternity? now we are in situations ships where people meet each other to create bonds and then they feel that the other person is not the person that they want to be with. How do modern relationships have come down this road?

Instant Gratification Culture

Relationship realities explored: from instant gratification to the fear of missing out.
Embracing Impermanence: Visualizing life's twists and turns in the realm of modern love.

We are living in the Era of instant gratification culture where there is no space for bonding with each other there is so much impact of social media and the technological culture these days that if they are providing information they are also impacting our day-to-day lives. People are so focused on showing their perfect picture Couple Goals to the world that they never share the hardships that they endure together. The other aspect that has reached extreme levels now is online dating or dating apps, as soon as we end one we start searching for another, and our mindset has become one that prioritizes quick fixes and immediate satisfaction.

Fear Of Missing Out

Embracing the impermanence of life with Heraclitus' wisdom and modern relationship complexities.
FOMO and Relationships: The visual narrative of fear, choice, and the quest for connection.

Have you ever wondered what is FOMO, a psychological phenomenon exacerbated by social media, in today's time where we have the internet at our fingertips we can watch everything anywhere wherever we want. While we are watching what others are doing we start to feel FOMO the fear of missing out on anything, when you do something you feel that oh maybe I could have done that this thinking creates fear in us that enables us to do what should not be done.

Endless Options and Fear of Commitment

Challenges and choices: a visual exploration of the dynamic nature of modern relationships.
Endless Options, Fear of Commitment: An artistic exploration of the contemporary relationship dilemma.

In the old days, people were limited by communities, cultures, Boundaries, Connectivity, and many other aspects but now we do not have those types of limitations It is good but also bad for some aspects Endless opportunities give this fear in people that do not let them settle for one as they feel that there might be something more or something better. This fear does not let anyone commit it takes one aspect out of a beautiful relationship's commitment to each other. Commitment to some feels like bondage but that bondage can be beautiful if you enjoy being in the company of that person.

Unrealistic Expectations

Love in the era of endless options: a reflection on commitment, growth, and change.
Capturing the Fragility of Bonds: A visual tapestry of emotions in modern connections.

When we get to know somebody we start putting our expectations on them and sometimes they can be unrealistic. Earlier there were simple times when people had expectations of day-to-day life or daily needs now we have expectations by watching others that we want that type of home, those types of clothes, that type of body, a trip abroad, etc. shouldn't we be realistic about life.

What could be helpful if we land in this type of life? The feeling that this is not the life that we have worked for is because we have given the responsibility of our happiness to somebody else, there should be expectations but they shouldn't be that unrealistic that they could burden others we have reached the point where we have to rethink our priorities.

In today's time where we have two different lives one with the person that we are with or the other without them, we need to share growth that should be good for both. If you put a single person under the bus for handling every relationship-related issue or every other thing you are just making them worse because when somebody reaches the point where they even stop complaining it's a long trail that they have walked before reaching there.

Complaining with a Single person for the entire relationship is the worst that could be done You can make people fall in love but it's so hard to be in love because it needs constant work Abandoning somebody in hard situations is easy but coping with those situations together is the part which can be helpful for future.

Embracing Change, Navigating Choices, and Rediscovering the Beauty of Commitment in Modern Relationships

Exploring the beauty and challenges of modern bonds: life's impermanence visualized.
Journey of Hearts: Navigating challenges and choices in the evolving landscape of love.

In summary, the blog reflects on the unexpected turns in life, exploring the challenges of modern relationships. It highlights the fading concept of endurance, the impact of an instant gratification culture, and the paradox of endless options coupled with a fear of commitment. Heraclitus' wisdom on change echoes throughout, questioning our avoidance of the inevitable. The narrative touches on FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), unrealistic expectations, and the need to rethink priorities. Ultimately, it emphasizes the importance of shared growth, constant effort, and facing challenges together for enduring and meaningful connections in a world of constant change.


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